Working Together

Skyline’s partnering process: Proven results

Designing and building an exhibit can be lengthy and complex. That’s why we’ve developed the following process to guide you from conception to trade show floor.

Information gathering
Your Skyline exhibiting consultant takes the time to listen to you and learn about your business, industry and unique marketing objectives.

Discovery session
For more complex island exhibits we may conduct a video conference call with you, your local consultant and our International Design Center team.

Concept design
The Skyline design team gathers the materials and information you’ve provided and begins both graphic and structural design. Throughout the process, you see drawings and renderings to make changes and approve the designs.

Graphic production
Skyline graphic artists create the graphics that will be integrated into your exhibit. The production process includes scanning, image compositing, graphic file creation, printing, laminating and finishing. We may also partner with your ad agency to maintain a consistent brand image for your company.

Exhibit construction and quality inspection
Our expert engineers construct your exhibit using state of the art technology. Staging your exhibit in our 30,000 square foot assembly area ensures quality, accuracy and proper fit.

Once your exhibit passes all of our inspections, we ship it to you, your Skyline design consultant, or the show, depending on size. We then preview it one more time and can give you and your booth staff a complete training session on installation and dismantling.

Ongoing services
Skyline will manage your exhibit to whatever extent you would like. We can ship, install, dismantle, maintain, reconfigure and store your exhibit between events.