Maximize Your Trade Show R.O.I.
Now, more than ever, your trade show marketing program must generate sales and profits.

Maximize Your Trade Show R.O.I. helps you get results by revealing the essential aspects of a successful trade show program.

What you’ll learn at the Skyline seminar, Maximize Your Trade Show R.O.I.:

Why Exhibiting Belongs in the Marketing Mix:

  • Powerful statistics that help justify your trade show program
  • The surprising size and strength of the trade show industry
  • Trends driving change in the trade show industry

Setting Measurable Objectives:

  • The four core trade show objectives
  • The four main reasons for exhibiting
  • How to create more effective objectives

Measuring Your Performance

  • Benefits to measuring your performance
  • 8 ways to measure your performance – and how to calculate them
  • Measurement best practices

Selecting Shows and Spaces that Work

  • Best sources for finding new shows
  • Valid reasons to drop a show
  • Booth spaces to seek and to avoid

Designing Exhibits that Support Your Mission

  • Designing your exhibit for maximum impact and functionality
  • How your objectives dictate your exhibit shape
  • See examples of good and bad exhibit design — and find out why they succeed or fail

Promoting Your Participation – Before / During / After

  • Why promotions are essential to greater success
  • 3 elements of a successful pre-show promotion
  • How to create better demonstrations in your booth

Budgeting for Success

  • How to estimate a show’s budget in less than a minute
  • Most common budget-busters to avoid
  • Rules of thumb for dividing up your budget

Staffing the Show

  • The 4-step process to successful booth staffing
  • How to select booth staffers who will get more leads and better represent your company
  • How to take leads field sales reps will follow-up

You will also see many examples of successful exhibit solutions in a variety of sizes – from tabletops to massive islands — as well as effective trade show graphics that target specific audiences. Attend this seminar and make your trade show profits soar!

Who Will Profit From Attending:

  • Marketing, Sales & Advertising Managers
  • Directors & Vice Presidents
  • Presidents, Owners & CEOs who want more from their trade show investment
  • Innovative Trade Show ManagersAd Agency Designers, Principals, Creative & Production Managers with clients that exhibit